We understand you might have questions regarding our product and the work we’ve done. Here are our most frequently asked questions.

frequently asked questions

These are the questions we get asked the most.

How do BioTraps work?

BioTraps target female mosquitoes by mimicking the ideal mosquito breeding ground to lay their eggs. Our patented waterproofing technology along with a quick and efficient delivery of proprietary solution then eliminates the female mosquito and 100% of her larvae, so not a single adult mosquito emerges out of the BioTraps.

Are harsh chemicals used? Is it safe with humans and animals?

No toxic chemicals are used in EBT and the product is 100% safe for animals and humans. Biotraps are designed to be safe for children and pets. They are absolutely free of toxicity. Our proprietary solution is backed strongly by science.

How long do BioTraps last?

EBT will last for 4-6 weeks after adding water.

Where should I ideally place the BioTraps? Can I place them indoors?

The BioTraps should be placed in shaded areas with no direct sunlight, which is where the mosquitoes ideally are found in large numbers. The secluded moist, humid places are ideal breeding habitats for the mosquito gravid females.Yes, you can place BioTraps indoors, preferably near your existing plants/horticulture, secluded corners, etc.

How can I assess the decrease in the mosquito population after installing?

After approximately 2-3 weeks of deployment, a noticeable reduction in mosquito numbers on your premises will become apparent. However, the most significant reduction occurs when the BioTraps are continually used over an extended period. The effectiveness of mosquito population reduction is further evidenced by the presence of Aedes eggs found on the inner walls of the BioTraps. By capturing these eggs, the BioTraps effectively "Break-The-Chain" of mosquito breeding, contributing to the overall control of the mosquito population.

What will happen if I break the cycle of the order for a month or more?

If the deployment of BioTraps, which are used for mosquito source reduction, is interrupted for a period of approximately one month or more, it can have detrimental effects on mosquito control efforts and the prevention of mosquito-borne diseases. The progress achieved over 4-6 months in controlling mosquitoes may be completely reversed, requiring a restart from the beginning.

Do BioTraps rely on electricity or batteries?

No, Eco BioTrap is a passive mosquito control device that operates without the need for any batteries or electricity.

What should be the positioning of the product?

Ideally, the BioTrap should be placed on the floor, in the corners, with minimal movement around and away from direct sunlight. However, it is also effective in attracting gravid female mosquitoes to lay eggs when positioned at a height of 5-7 feet when hung, and up to 9 feet if placed on a surface.

What is the disposal category?

EBT is categorized as dry waste. When the service life of the BioTrap comes to an end, indicated by water leakage after 4-6 weeks, it should be treated as dry waste.

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